Eastern Province


It is located in the eastern part of the country, on the Gulf coast.


It shares borders with several states, which are: Kuwait and Iraq on the north border; the Arabian Gulf on the east border; Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Sultanate of Oman on the south border; Yemen and Sultanate of Oman on the west border; and Al-Hail region and Riyadh areas on the north border with the country's northern borders.

Major Cities:

The region's capital city is Dammam, seat of its Governorate. A few kilometers south of Dammam is the city of Al-Khobar from where the King Fahd Causeway connects the region to the Kingdom of Bahrain. The causeway was built in the 1980s by King Fahd as a gift to the people of Bahrain. A little to the south of Dammam, away from the Gulf Coast, is the city of Dhahran, where the headquarters of our national oil company (ARAMCO) are.
The other large cities in the region are Hofuf, Qatif, Mubarth, the Al Ahsa Oasis to the southeast, and Hafr Al Batin in the north. AlKhafji on the borders of Kuwait, Jubail Industrial City, Ras Tunora; the largest port of oil export in Kingdom in addition to many other cities, villages and suburbs.

Eastern Province Emirs

The following princes have been Emirs of the Eastern Province:

  • Prince Abdullah Bin Turki Bin Galloway Al-Saud, 1331 – 1354 AH
  • Prince Saud bin Abdullah bin Saud Al Galloway, 1354 -1386 AH
  • Prince Abdul Mohsen bin Abdullah bin Saud Al Galloway, 1387  -1405 AH
  • Prince Mohammad bin Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, 1405 AH – 1434 >>>> AH.