King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz

Distinction and Perspicacity

When King Saud took the throne, he appointed the young Prince Fahd as the country's first education minister. That was in 1373 AH. (i.e., 1953). That was the beginning of his pioneering job in developing education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The speed of this ascension astonished many royal family observers, citizens, and many of his father's close advisors. They all admitted that, behind his unassuming and forgiving demeanor, lay a man of a strong will and character. With time they came to realize that he was capable of making tough, quick and critical decisions where other people would hesitate. No doubt that one significant feature of King Fahd’s personality was that he always had a sense of compassion; his ability to feel other people's pain and concerns. Another characteristic he displayed early in life is the way he tackled his public speaking engagements. He didn't like to read speeches prepared in advance. He preferred to listen and respond spontaneously. Many citizens of the Kingdom and other Arab countries liked that about him. The spontaneity of his speeches never affected their eloquences or the quality of their contents. They were always full of clever remarks and sayings. His deliberate digressions made his listener like him even more, not wanting him to stop. His words were deeply rooted in religion, society, and the politic realities of his country.

No doubt that the basis of all this is to be found in his training under his father, King Abdulaziz. From him, he inherited attractive personality, strength of character, and prestige as testified by many either in Kingdom or outside the Kingdom. He was admired by many leaders he met in negotiations and discussions.

Written by Abdurrahman Bin Suliman Al Rwashid