King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz

HRH Schooling and Teachers

The early part of King Fahd's life was a preparation for his future position as supreme commander and leader of the country. He came to this world in an environment that was full of goodness and glory. By the grace of Allah, he was never subjected to contradictory ideas or circumstances.

He was born in 1340 AH, (i.e., 1921) in Deera Palace, in Riyadh; a city built by his father King Abdul-Aziz in 1328H (i.e., 1910). Thus, from birth, he was destined to greatness. His birth was regarded as a great sign of good fortune for King Abdulaziz. It coincided with the achievement of peace in the land. With the unification of the tribes, new dreams of a better tomorrow were finally allowed. There were victories in decisive battles, and unification was emerging.

King was born of a mother of glorious ancestry. Her name was Princess Hessa Bint Ahmed Bin Mohammad Bin Ahmed Al-Sudairi . She was a woman of compassion and love, who wholeheartedly devoted herself to the upbringing of her first son with King Abdulaziz. She had an earlier son with King Abbdulaziz's brother, Prince Mohammad Bin Abdurrahman, who left her after the birth of their son Prince Abdullah Bin Mohammad. She was very young at the time. King Abdulaziz took her back to the bond of marriage.

Subsequent to her marriage to King Abdulaziz, Princess Hessa gave birth to a blessed string of boys and girls.  She was a very wise woman, the closest to the king's heart. He therefore bestowed respect and honor on her because of her wisdom and intelligence, and the knowledge of religious matters she displayed on numerous occasions.

This extraordinary lady had her own way in bringing up her children. She would have private meetings with the males and the girls to review matters related to their education, progress at school, and problems of life. She would discuss with them frankly and openly whatever they showed interest in. She was very keen on raising her sons in accordance with Islam, and allegiance to their family and father. King Abdulaziz loved her and appreciated her role with the utmost respect until his death.

Princess Hessa was very proud of all her children. She was happy about their progress and success in their lives, and their contributions to their father's success. She was particularly proud to see her children starting to hold government responsibilities during their father's reign and in the subsequent reigns of their brothers, till it was finally the turn of the oldest one, the Custodian of the Two Holy mosques, King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz. HRH grew up in a clean environment, lofty in stature, immersed in Islamic faith and love for his parents and family.

His brother Prince Mohammad, older than him by four years, preferred to pass when it was his turn to reign. He decided to let Fahd take over instead. He remained close to him and to his other brothers. They all continued to live at the same house.

As the new young king, he was surrounded by peers and others who were older than him. They were selected carefully to accompany him on his journeys. Their companionship was extended to include others. 

Some of his companions are: Ibrahim Bin Hamad , Suliman Al Mutawwa , the deceased Faisal Bin Rasheed Bin Muhaisen, Al Jaber Al Rasheed, Mohammad and Abdulaziz Al Daham, Al Haeilam Abu Wardah Al Jmai, and brother from Al Degheim, Abdullah and Thenyan, Al Thenyan, Suleiman Bin Arfaj, Mohammad Bin Nayif, Al Otaibi, Mohammad "Al Dukhein", Taweel Bin Taweel, Rashed Bin Abdurrahman Bin Rowaishid and others.

HRH and his brother Abdullah Bin Mohammad were welcomed everywhere and always visited their great father, King Abdulaziz. Fahd, his mom and younger brothers always met with his father together, and there was unity in the Fahd's entourage. There was always unity among the family, which always astonished their father and others.